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Moda "30s Playtime" Charm Pack

Go back to the vivacious 1930s, when listening to Duke Ellington Big Band music on the radio, watching Shirley Temple in films or having a good old-fashioned game of Drop the Handkerchief were all sources of happiness. People learned to enjoy life despite the difficulties of the time. The 30s playtime fabric collection is inspired by the popular fabrics of that era. Picture beds covered with sweet blankets made from leftover dressmaking fabric, vibrant pink and purple flower potholders, and red plaid drapes. With their vibrant pastels and primary hues, our 30s Playtime fabrics will infuse your home with a 1930s vibe that will make you and your space happy.

30s Playtime Charm Pack includes 42 5" squares and includes duplicates of some prints.