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Dimples and other Blenders

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"Dimples" are tone-on-tone prints that look like the dimples on a golf ball. We also carry Henry Glass "Folio", and much more. When you're looking for color and maybe a bit of texture, these are the prints you add to your project.
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Andover "Blue Escape" A-9969-LT Bleu


Andover "Blue Sky" A-8511-W Sky's the Limit


Andover "Century Black on Black" CS-9673-K


Andover "Clotted Creams and Caramels" A-8609-L Bisque


Andover "Dimples Mist" A-1867-B23


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-B17 Indigo


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-B20 Carolina Blue


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-B21 Delphinium


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-C3 Manatee


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-C5 Pale Silver


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-E22 Paradise Pink


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-E23 Peachy Keen


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-E24 Scorching Pink


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-G35 Kelly


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-G38 Evergreen


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-N21 Brown Dog


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-O14 Persimmon


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-R12 Coral


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-W4 Snowsquall


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-Y21 Icterine


Andover "Dimples" A-1867-Y22 Nugget


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-B11 Honolulu


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-B7 Midnight Hour


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-E6 Carnation


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-G2 Chartreuse


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-K2 Jet


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-L6


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-N4 Bruin


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-N9 Cafe Noir


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-O9 Sinopia


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-P1 Puplishess


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-P4 Wisteria


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-P6 Baronet


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-P7 Pansy


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-R6 Tuscan Red


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-R7 Fire Engine


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-R9 Cardinal


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-T4 Fairy Tale Blue


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-T9 Celeste


Andover "Dimples" P0260-1867-VL Olivine


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