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Embroidering Plants and Flowers for Beginners

As Elegant as it is fun and exciting, Embroidering Plants and Flowers for Beginners is a must-have guide that embroidery enthusiasts of all skills levels will love. Opening with helpful overviews on tools, supplies, and techniques for transferring designs, installing the drum, and more, also included are easy-to-follow tutorials on all the essential embroidery stitches to help you get started. From there, you'll find over 30 embroidery designs for flowers, herbs, plants, and more that are realistic, easy to accomplish, and simply stunning. Inspired by the beauty and comfort of nature, the embroidery patterns featured within these pages range from wildflowers and cut flowers to garden and forest plants and favorite aromatic herbs. With ready-to-use patterns, step-by-step instructions, helpful diagrams, stunning photography, and extra ideas for decoration and displaying your finished product, Embroidering Plants and Flowers for Beginners is the perfect source of inspiration for crafters, both beginner and advanced alike!